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123 Main Street
New York, NY 10001

Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00AM–3:00PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of our most commonly asked questions below. If these don’t quite cover your query, hit us up with an e-mail.

About DZN

DZN is an abbreviation for “design.” We are lovers of fine design whether it be made by humans or nature. Design isn’t relegated to aesthetics. Live a life well designed by making decisions that are personally fulfilling. Even better, find a way to use your talents to uplift your community. DZN is all about independence and self expression free of construct. DZN your life.

DZN is a women owned, black owned business run by Jx. I’m relatively private but you’ll see my face on our site and Instagram. All of the graphics and clothing are designed by Jx and reflect issues that both concern and amuse me. DZN is a platform for my expression and YOURS. Let us find community through fashion and art.

Design is located in St. Petersburg, Florida with networks in Los Angeles, New York and Tennessee. Most production is done in Florida using local vendors.

How It Works

Currently we stock hoodies, T-shirts and stickers from the Chester Cheeba collection as well as DZN logo stickers. All other merchandise is produced and fulfilled by our third party vendor and subject to their terms of sale.

We ship USPS First Class. You can expect your orders to typically ship within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). Domestic orders typically arrive within 2-3 days once shipped. While we do our best to get our orders out as soon as possible, we quote a 3-5 day processing time. During busy times of the year (Holidays, Mother’s Day, etc), our processing times are on the latter end of this timeframe.

Print on demand products are fulfilled by a third party vendor and typically arrive within 5-10 business days.

If you need something pronto, contact us, we’ll see what we can do to expedite your order.

Yes, we do offer returns and exchanges of unworn, unwashed, undamaged, unused items. See our returns page for full details on how to correct your order.

The issues

DZN believe that marijuana should be legalized and regulated in the same way that our society manages alcohol. Decriminalizing marijuana will free-up resources for our over burdened criminal justice system. Communities that disproportionally suffer penal repercussions from marijuana prohibition will be have one less strike against them.

Besides recreational use, there are many who benefit from the healing properties of medical marijuana. Why take pills with dire side effects when one could simply partake in gentle relief from herb?

Our weed T-shirts and hoodies serve to break the taboo surrounding marijuana. When you wear a DZN Chester Cheeba or Canna-bus hoodie you take one step further in normalizing a subculture that has flourished for centuries.

Every conscious person should be political. Do not sit idly by while others make crucial decisions that dictate the circumstances of your life. Art has long served as a medium for change. Fashion has a long tradition as a vehicle for rebellion and unapologetic self expression.

DZN wear offers you the chance for peaceful protest. Let the world know where you stand. Look good while doing it. Yeah, and VOTE! Vote every in every election! This is your life.